Despite Western Media Misinformation, Relief and Rehabilitation in Tigray Is in Full Swing



From the perspectives of moral values and professional ethics, media commercialization on the situation in Tigray is immoral and unprofessional and disgusting. However, in terms of the relief and rehabilitation efforts in the region, the accomplishments and the reality on the ground disproves speculative journalism typical of western media when it comes to developing countries like Ethiopia.

In a press briefing conducted at the Office of the Prime Minister for international and local journalists, in partnership with the UN systems and  6 prominent international NGOs including World Vision, Care, Food for the Hungry, and the local Relief Society of Tigray, the Government of Ethiopia has provided 70 percent  of the relief and rehabilitation supplies for 4.5 million in the first round and to 4.9 million beneficiaries in the second and third round while the rest was covered by international NGOs.

Some 166,264 MT of food worth 151 million USD was expended over the last several months to meet the urgent needs of the beneficiaries in Tigray, It is to be noted that some 100 NGOs are currently operating in Tigray on various interventions.

In terms of non-food supplies, temporary shelters were provided to 79,053 citizens while 41 Rub halls worth 16 million USD were purchased while 395,265 IDPs were provided with shelters. This is about 33 percent of the total need. To strengthen the WASH program, 120 water tankers worth 75.6 million USD were purchased and deployed.

To date, 46.5 percent of the health facilities looted and destroyed by TPLF were rehabilitated and furnished serving 310,895 beneficiaries along with deployment of 65 mobile health clinics. In addition, 80 doctors, 25 nurses and 15 midwives were hired in addition to what is already available.

It is also reported that 17 IDP centers were established across the region to provide comprehensive services to the needy population. Mental health services are also being provided in centers established in 6 towns in the region.

One of the most important tasks in terms of resettling and promoting food security in the region is related to the provision of agricultural packages to more than 1.2 million farm household in the region before the onset of the rainy reason.

The government is already supporting agricultural activities in the region by providing selected seeds and fertilizers. The Ethiopian government is already ready to start the 5th round of safety net to address more than 1 million needy persons in 55 woredas of the region by earmarking 2.2 billion Birr.

The government has already deployed a coordinated committee composed of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, the Federal Police, Office of the Attorney General working together with the UN international Human Rights Commission. Besides power supplies disrupted by TPLF and telecommunication and internet services are being fixed and put to use.

This being the case, global misinformation and defamation powerhouses entrenched in international media outlets and their representatives in Ethiopia are busy disseminating false and unverified information as a means of an attempt to provide moral boosting for TPLF and other anti-peace and development forces spread across EU countries and the USA.

The media in the west are not only biased on the developments in Ethiopia but are also busy trying to disrupt the upcoming 6th National Election in Ethiopia through their barrages of sensational, unverified and rumor based newscasts.

The inevitable 2nd filling of GERD which will happen in about two months has also become a target of misinformation and falsehood being fanned by the media in the west. The whole negative approach to the reality in Ethiopia has now become a blessing in disguise in unifying Ethiopians here and in the Diaspora towards the conduct of peaceful election in the country and providing the expenses needed to complete the construction of GERD in the shortest possible time.