Efforts Underway in Tigray to Restore, Strengthen Health Services: Ministry of Health


Addis Ababa June 5/2021 (ENA) The government of Ethiopia in collaboration with development and humanitarian partners has intensified efforts to restore and strengthen the delivery of health services in Tigray region, Ministry of Health disclosed.

The Ministry of Health, its agencies, and the Tigray Regional Health Bureau in collaboration with humanitarian and development partners, have continued the efforts to restore and strengthen the delivery of health services in the region, it said.

The statement issued by the Ministry today indicated that 46.5 percent of the health centers and hospitals in the region have currently been made functional.

It also stated that close to 311 million Birr worth of medicines and medical equipment has been delivered by the Ethiopian Pharmaceutical supply Agency to the region.

Various professional experts have been deployed to the region to provide technical support, the ministry said, adding that more than 215 million Birr has been transferred from the ministry and its agencies for the response, recovery activities and for various health programs.

The ministry further pointed out that essential health services are being provided for free for IDPs, and in addition to the existing professionals, a total of 120 health professionals have been  deployed in all IDP centers, the Ministry said.

Temporary clinics have also been established in 17 IDP centers with large population, the ministry stated.

The Ministry further said that , along with the efforts to make health facilities functional, 65 Mobile Health and Nutrition Teams, each consisting of 6-8 professionals, have been established by the government and partner organizations to deliver health services to the community, especially for mothers and children.

To provide the necessary treatment and support to victims of gender based violence, so far a total of 57 mental healths, psychological and social support professionals are providing services in 6 cities, it added.

To facilitate access to physical, psychiatric, social, and legal services, new one-stop center services have become operational at Mekelle Hospital, Axum, Shire, Maychew, and Adigrat in addition to the existing one in Ayder hospital.

In addition, a Toll-free line (8983) has been set up for reporting to prevent and reduce the risk of gender based violence, it said.

The ministry thanked partners, individuals in country and abroad and all stakeholders who are supporting the government’s efforts to reach our people during this difficult time.

Despite these encouraging progresses, many challenges remain the ministry said and urged all to continue to support in all aspects.