INSA Working Diligently to Protect Election from Cyber Attacks


Addis Ababa June 4/2021 (ENA) Information Network Security Agency (INSA) said it is working diligently to protect key institutions from cyber-attacks during the pre-election, election, and post-election processes.

Ensuring election cyber security means protecting the election and infrastructures from attack, INSA Director-General Shumetie Gizaw stated.

He added that the agency would provide support and monitoring mechanisms so as to prevent the process of the election from cyber attacks.

The agency is giving high priority to  some institutions in particular as the damage inflicted on them affects Ethiopians and the nation at large, the director-general stressed.

Pointing at the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia as one of these institutions, Shumetie also cautioned candidates, political parties, and institutions that are directly or indirectly related to the election to be careful as they could be targets of cyber attack.

The agency is ready to provide all the necessary support for the election actors if they have any concern related to cyber attacks, he said.

Citing that the agency has established a team that focuses on protecting key infrastructures of the country, the director general revealed that the team is ready to foil cyber attacks which might be launched during pre-election, election and post-election periods.

The 6th Ethiopian General Election will take place on June 21, 2021.