Ethiopia Commits for Strong Ties with Countries, Endangering Nation`s Interest ‘a Redline’: Spokesperson MoFA


Addis Ababa June 2/2021 (ENA) Ethiopia is committed to strengthening relations with countries across the world provided that they have not engaged in endangering its national development, peace and freedom, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In his weekly media briefing, Spokesperson of the ministry Ambassador Dina Mufti said Ethiopia`s foreign relation policy promotes the establishment of strong ties with countries in the world regardless of their economic status or political power.

“We want to strengthen relations with the global community be it Western or Eastern, rich or poor. The sky is the limit to strengthen its relation with nations,” he noted.

He further stated that unless there is a forced circumstance, Ethiopia will always see countries across the globe as its allies. “So, we are working on strengthening our relations with the Western world or the Eastern countries among others.”  

Relations between countries should always be two ways, he stressed “Our target is focused on strengthening relation with countries as long as they are not endangering our development, our growth, peace and our freedom as they are the redline that should strongly be respected.”

Regarding the visit of U.S Senator James M. Inhofe, Ambassador Dina said it was fruitful visit as he already voiced at the U.S Senate Floor about the reality on the ground in Ethiopia.

He will play a critical role on the ways to strengthening the relationship of the two countries as he has clear and firm stand regarding Ethiopia, according to the spokesperson.

On the recent tension between Ethiopia and the U.S, Dina said “it is not our interest to escalate this tension. It is the interest of the U.S, its people and the region as well to maintain friendly relations between the two countries,” Dina underlined.

Stating that the relationship between the two nations has been for 120 years, the Spokesperson said stressing the need to maintain this relation as it has been contributing to the regional peace and stability.

The government of Ethiopia will continue addressing the concerns of the U.S. and the international community regarding issues in the Tigray regional state, not only caring for the relationships but also out of its deep concern for the wellbeing of the people of Tigray, the Spokesperson underlined.

“But it is also our concern that the international community respects matters that solely fall under our internal jurisdiction,” he added.