Over 1mln Youth to Rally to Protest against Foreign Interference in Internal Affairs of Ethiopia


May 29/2021(ENA) A nation-wide demonstration will be held on Sunday in protest of foreign interference in the internal affairs of Ethiopia, according to the Ministry of Women, Children and Youth.

Briefing journalists today, Youth Mobilization Director at the Ministry Matiyas Asefa said over one million youth are expected to participate in the demonstration organized under the theme “Voices for Freedom.”

The demonstration is aimed at informing everyone that Ethiopia will never accept any interference, he added.

It was indicated during the media briefing that Ethiopia is currently experiencing unjust pressures from some foreign powers that have never considered the objective realities in the country.

Ethiopia has been enjoying good bilateral relationship and cooperation with western countries including the US , he said.

Especially the US has long-standing good bilateral relationship that dates back over a century, he added

However, the recent sanction imposed by the US administration on Ethiopia has not considered the long standing good relationship of the two countries and the realities on the ground, Matiyas stated.      

Instead of melding in Ethiopia’s internal affairs, the US needs to leave the internal affairs of Ethiopia to Ethiopians, the director elaborated.

Mentioning that peace and security cannot be realized through putting pressure and meddling in other country’s affairs, Matiyas called on the US to discuss the issue and not stick to its unjust decision.

He urged the youth to maintain the freedom of its country that remained so through the selfless bravery of its forefathers.

More than 100,000 youth in Addis Ababa alone are expected to go out and protest against the foreign interference aimed at undermining Ethiopia’s sovereignty.