Completing 2nd Round Filling of GERD, Nat`l Election Will Determine Ethiopia`s Next Destiny: PP


Addis Ababa May 28/2021 (ENA) Completing second round filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and successfully completing the upcoming national elections will determine the next destiny of Ethiopians and the nation in general, according to Executive Committee of Prosperity Party.

Executive Committee of Prosperity Party said after consulting on national and geopolitical issues that it has to be clear for anyone that Ethiopia will never compromise its national interest due to diplomatic pressure and other influences imposing by the forces that have huge interest in the region.

Ethiopia`s interest in the region is based on win-win principles not based on conflicts or disputes with others who have shares in the region in general and in the Red Sea in particular, it noted.

“Our experiences of diplomatic relations could be taken as exemplary on how to work in a collaborative manner with others”, adding it said as Ethiopia is the sources of Abay, it has the potential to determine the geopolitics of the Horn of African region and North East Africa.

History tells us that foreign forces were tried to control Ethiopia as the nation is the origin of Abay River. So, it is clear that if Ethiopia becomes economically a strong nation in the region, they assumed that they could face the risk of losing their interest.

However, it stressed that one fact that has to be known that be it in the past or now, Ethiopia has not any intention to harm the interest of others. Similarly, “we are not allowing others to compromise our interests too,” it added.

According to the statement, the historic peace agreement between Ethiopia and Eritrea will not make happy some of the foreign forces that want to destabilize the region. However, it said the recent dispute between Ethiopia and Sudan is an unfortunate trend and it could have not happened at all.  

Ethiopia will work to settle the situation in an amicable manner based on the two nations historic and long-term relations, and “we hope Sudan will work for settling the issues by distancing themselves from provocative acts,” the statement underscored.

Regarding the foreign pressures imposing on Ethiopia, it indicated that now it is obvious that there are forces that are not happy to witness the building of the GERD and closing of its completion, resolving the Ethio-Eritrea relation, ending the recent law enforcement operation against the TPLF Junta in short period of time and setting the 10-year homegrown economic plan.

Now, Ethiopians should stand together as the internal affairs will be resolved by the inclusive dialogues among elites as it will not be resolved overnight.

Successfully carrying out the national elections and completing the second-round filling of the dam are the two major tasks which could determine the next destiny of Ethiopians and the nation in general, it underlined.

“We are in the final phase of completing the 6th National Election in a peaceful and democratic manner as registration of candidates and voters and election campaigns are finalized. So, completing the election will bring great opportunity for the country and it will boost up Ethiopia`s democratic journey by one step,” the statement said.

Finally, the Executive Committee called upon all concerned parties to join hands for the successful ending of the historic election.