‘Harmony for National Glory’ Hands Over Open Letter to British Gov’t


Addis Ababa May 26/2021 (ENA) Harmony for National Glory, established by concerned Ethiopians with a view to campaign against countries and international organizations who are attempting to meddling in the internal affairs of Ethiopia, has handed over an open letter to British government via its Embassy in Addis Ababa.

The letter depicts message that asks countries and international organizations to stop meddling in the internal affairs of Ethiopia which is also the firm stance of Ethiopians across the nation.

The GERD, the Sovereignty of the country and Election were among the main issues raised in the letter.  

The letter urges the countries to respect Ethiopia’s sovereignty, distancing from disinformation, encourage the ongoing reform in Ethiopia, and join hands in the fight against terrorism in the region.

One of the coordinators, Abiy Tadele said today, the embassy of UK in Ethiopia received the letter from the members of the ‘Harmony for National Glory’ movement.

Abiy said “as per the schedule we set, we handed over the letter to the concerned Political Attaché at the embassy and we had a productive meeting during the occasion”.

The letter is part of the campaign being undertaken by ‘Harmony for National Glory’ to protest the government of United States, UK and the European Union for their unjustifiable interference in the internal affairs of Ethiopia under the slogan “Hands off Ethiopia!”

Efforts have also been exerted to reach the U.S and the European Union through their embassies here, Abiy added.  

“We have been trying to reach the US and EU via email and showed our interest that we want to reach them and  have discussions as well but so far, we did not get any response from both of them,” he noted.

Citing the letter as an open letter, he said “if they are interested to talk to us, we could meet as per their schedule. But, he added since the message is the message of the people of Ethiopia, we have sent the letter via DHL, and they can also access online as it is an open letter”.