FM Demeke Confers with UK’s Special Envoy for Famine Prevention, Humanitarian Affairs


May 25/2021(ENA) Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Demeke Mekonnen has conferred with UK’s Special Envoy for Famine Prevention and Humanitarian Affairs Nick Dyer on a range of topics of common concern in the Tigray region.

During the discussion, Demeke thoroughly briefed the special envoy on the wide range of rehabilitation and reconstruction works in the region, including humanitarian supports to those in need.

Two rounds of humanitarian relief deliveries that addressed the needs of 4.5 million and 2.9 million people respectively were carried out successfully, adding that the third round is already underway, he stated.

The Deputy Prime Minister also spoke about the efforts that the government has been undertaking to address the needs of IDPs and expand access to humanitarians that operate in the region.

Speaking about the alleged atrocities committed in the region, Demeke reiterated that various groups, including the UN, AU, and Ethiopian Human Rights Commission are undertaking encouraging initiatives to probe into the matter. 

Furthermore, he also touched upon the investigation that has been carried out so far by the Ethiopian Attorney General and other concerned bodies in Ethiopia. 

Initiatives have been underway to return the region into normalcy by carrying out dialogues with opposition parties, civil societies, elders, and various societal associations, he added.

Reiterating the genesis of the law enforcement operation in the region, Demeke explained how the intransigent TPLF group has destroyed infrastructures and incapacitated public service institutions.

According to Ministery of Foreign Affairs, the two sides noted the longstanding relationship that existed between the two countries and underscored the need to further cement it.