Ethiopia Observes First Civil Registration, Vital Statistics Day


Addis Ababa Augst 18/2018 Ethiopia has marked Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Day for the first time to promote its importance to ensure good governance.

The day was marked with the theme: “Universal, Permanent and Continuous Civil Registration and Vital Statistics System for Good Governance and Better Life”.

Speaking on the occasion, President Mulatu Teshome said vital registration would play an irreversible role in prevailing good governance at all administrative echelon.

He added that it would also enable citizens to benefit from their constitutional rights.

“The fundamental reason why the establishment of the vital events registration systems is important in our country is to enable citizens demand their constitutional rights, obtain comprehensive social and economic services; support the design of laws, policies and strategies with concrete evidences as well as ensure their enforcement,” he said.

Civil registration and vital statistics is getting high level attention by African nations following the first conference of African Ministers responsible for civil registration held in Addis Ababa in 2010.

Ethiopia has introduced a legal framework that would help to register vital events in modern way that fit with international vital events registration systems in 2012 accepting the decision of the conference.

Out of the over 19,000 offices established across the country for civil registeration and vital services, more than 17,000 have started providing the service.

Over the two years period since the start of the registration more than 965,000 births; 208,000 marriages; 8,000 divorces; 178,000 deaths and 565 adoptions were registered.