PM Abiy Appreciates ESA’s Vertical Farming Sample Undertaking in Its Premises


Addis Ababa May 22/2021 (ENA) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has appreciated the vertical farming sample of Ethiopian Standards Authority (ESA) undertaking in its new compound to promote urban agriculture.

In his official face-book account, the prime minister said “I am impressed by the work the Ethiopian Standards Authority is undertaking in its new compound to promote urban agriculture.”

The vertical farming sample undertaking in the new compound of ESA is a role model for other institutions and households to contribute to food security through urban agriculture.

 “Our cities need to be able to at least partially feed themselves,” he noted.

Cabbage, Spinach, tomato, pepper,  garlic, onion, and other plants vital to making traditional medicines are some of the vegetation found in the vertical farming sample of ESA.     

Apart from its knowledge sharing to promote rural agricultural activities by using small places with a view to helping efforts to ensure food self-sufficiency in cities, the gardener being developed in the premises of the Authority has been creating jobs, and income to social committee of the staffs.