“Upcoming Election Only Way to Solve Ethiopia’s Problems, Establish Legitimate Gov’t”: Parties


Addis Ababa May 22/2021 (ENA) The upcoming general election is the only way to solve the deep-rooted problems the country has been recently facing and ensure the establishment of legitimate government and political representatives, the Ethiopian Social Democratic Party Chairman and the ruling Prosperity Party Public and International Relations Head said.

Effective election in Ethiopia would close the door on forces that want to undermine the sovereignty of the country and its dignity, the political figures told ENA.

The veteran politician and Chairman of the Ethiopian Social Democratic Party (ESDP), Professor Beyene Petros said the election will be the ultimate solution for the ongoing disagreements among various political forces and to bring in a legitimate leadership.

There are more than enough reasons to hold election in Ethiopia right now as some political forces say this is an illegitimate government not elected by the people, he added.

Subsequent to the above argument, there have been forces that insist on the formation of a transitional government.

Professor Beyene strongly believes that those who offer such an option are not good and useful for the country. But this should be judged by the voters, and “that is why the holding of this national election is a fundamental issue for Ethiopia.”

According to him, holding the 6th General Election is therefore necessary to strengthen the legitimacy and integrity of the government also to ensure the constitutional and human rights of the people.

“There have been lots of idealist since this reform was initiated,” he noted, adding that “some  political actors said this government has run out of time and it has been ruling the country  illegally. And they have also demanded a transitional government and called for the dissolution of the government. I fear that such ideal proposition would disintegrate the country. I do not think that goes with the reality in Ethiopia. It is unlikely that the political parties will come together and make such a decision since they have no experience.”

Commenting on the possibility of holding a perfect election, the professor noted that even the countries that claim to be established democracies for centuries have not yet achieved it.

Beyene urged the government to effectively avert any illegal attempts against the election process as there are forces inside and outside of the country that are trying to disrupt the process with all their might.

The election executive bodies, including the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia, have been managing the process fairly and rationally. “These were the qualities we lost during the last five elections in  the  country,” the chair explained. 

Prosperity Party Public and International Relations HeadBikila Hurissa said a number of stakeholders have been working with the ruling party to repair the political fracture in Ethiopia. 

In particular, Prosperity Party is working to ensure the success of the upcoming election since “it will make Ethiopia a victorious nation.”

There are forces that take the election as a pretext and try to prevent Ethiopia from overcoming external and internal threats, the head noted, calling on people who love the country to fight them.