Commission to Award Model Ethical Individuals & Institutions, Finalizing Nat’l Policy


Addis Ababa May 22/2021 (ENA) The Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) will celebrate its 20th founding anniversary early next week at a time when it is finalizing a national policy for the first time.

The commission will give recognition to individual model ethical persons and institutions during the event, it was learned.

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commissioner, Tsega Arage told ENA that the anniversary would be celebrated with various events under the theme: “Attention to Building Ethical Generation” on May 24, 2021.

The outstanding models have been recruited for honesty, sincerity and service, he stated,  adding that health professionals, police, prosecutors, journalists, judges, and especially professionals working in institutions identified as having key role in the fight against corruption have been identified at the national level.

The commission is working to increase the number of morally upright persons and institutions  nationwide and struggling to fight against corruption, according to the commissioner.

High school, college and university students who have won the nationwide question and answer competition program will also be recognized and rewarded.

Tsega also said the commission is preparing a national anti-corruption policy based on the revised establishment proclamation of the commission that allows the formulation of policy unlike the past establishment proclamation.

According to him, the national policy which helps to curb corruption is in the final stages.