Diplomats Urge Int’l Community to Support Ethiopia’s Green Development


Addis Ababa May 22/2021 (ENA) Members of the diplomatic community based in Addis Ababa urged the international community to support Ethiopia’s efforts to integrate the Horn of Africa with green development.

Water, Irrigation and Energy, Minister Sileshi Bekele, briefed members of the diplomatic community in Ethiopia on the implementation of this year’s Green Legacy initiative that aspires to plant 6 billion tree seedlings across the nation and one billion in neighboring countries.

He has also explained about the economic and environmental benefits of the ongoing tree planting campaign as part of the Green Initiative in Ethiopia.

Sileshi further expressed Ethiopia’s commitment to help Africa and the rest of the world in their efforts to tackle the challenges of climate change through the implementation of its Green Legacy initiative.

Members of the diplomatic community who attended the forum also praised Ethiopia’s efforts to expand its green development program to the region and urged the international community to extend its support to the implementation of  the Nation’s Green Legacy Initiative.

Israeli Ambassador to Ethiopia, Alelign Admasu said Ethiopia has made a significant contribution to the African Unity. The country is now trying to repeat this contribution with the Green Legacy initiative, he pointed out.

The ambassador said Israel pays great attention to green development and it will work with Ethiopia in this regard, he added.

“Israel is known for its scientifically developed greenery and agricultural development. In this regard the government of Israel is committed to working with Ethiopia to expand the Green Legacy Initiative and ensure its sustainability by providing the necessary supports,” the Ambassador elaborated.

United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) representative to Ethiopia, Aurell Patrizia Calabro said Ethiopia’s effort to connect green development with drought-stricken countries, including Somalia is encouraging.

Noting that green development works for all and it should be cross-border, the representative  said the entire international community should support Ethiopia’s efforts.

Chargé d’Affaires at the Ukraine Embassy in Ethiopia, Oleksandr Zub said the international community must stand together to realize Ethiopia’s focus on green development.

Ukraine will support the green legacy development of Ethiopia,  the Chargé d’Affaires added.

State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Birtukan Ayano told ENA at the occasion that Ethiopia’s move to integrate the region with its Green Legacy Initiative is in line with its foreign policy that aspire regional integration.  

The initiative has been implemented considering the fact that the impact of climate in one of the neighboring countries affects the entire region including Ethiopia, she noted.   

Ethiopia has planted over 10 billion seedlings over the past two years and planned to plant 7 billion seedlings in 2021. Out of these seedlings one billion is to be planted in the neighboring countries.

This year’s motto is ‘Let’s Adore Ethiopia’ launched by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed this week.