U.S based Council Condemns Foreign Interfering in Ethiopia


May 21/2021(ENA)Ethiopian American Civic Council has condemned any and all foreign powers who are interfering in Ethiopia’s electoral process or attempt to cast doubt in the outcome before a single vote is casted.

In a letter sent to U.S. President Joseph Biden, the council stated that Ethiopia ushered in a new political transformation by creating an Independent Election Commission, National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) to uphold one of the most important pillars of democratic governance, by holding a fully transparent election.

NEBE is an autonomous government agency led Judge Birtukan Medeksa, which is overseeing several competing political parties for the first time in the country’s history to ensure a fair balanced electoral outcome.

To protect the sanctity of such a significant election, the council said “we condemn any and all foreign powers who are interfering in Ethiopia’s electoral process or attempt to cast doubt in the outcome before a single vote is casted”.

“While we appreciate the attention, the United States is giving to Ethiopian crisis, we remain concerned by the risks of interference and undue prescription into the internal affairs or Ethiopia. The law enforcement measure in Ethiopia is a response to large scale treasonous military attacks from within”.

Most certainly, any sovereign nation would take a similar and much more grave measure against a serious domestic threat, the council affirmed.

The Government of Ethiopia should be supported in its efforts to preserve the unity and sovereign integrity of the state, it said adding, America which partners with Ethiopia to light global terrorism shall also keep an eye on foreign affiliates and sponsors of TPLF that seek to destabilize Ethiopia and the region at large.

Citing that Ethiopia incorporates all regional forces as part and parcel of Ethiopian Defense Forces, it added recent statement of the U.S. Department State demanding “…urges the Government of Ethiopia to withdraw Amhara regional forces from the Tigray region…” amounts \or requesting the removal of Ethiopia’s Defense forces from Ethiopia itself, an unprecedented request in the entire global political order.

Instead, “we plead for the United States to play a constructive role and stand with the people and Government of Ethiopia to successfully complete the National Election; complete the second filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam; resolve the border dispute with Sudan and successfully prosecute the law enforcement operation in Tigray,” it said.

Withstanding the current concerns, the council reiterated “we are hopeful the strong US-Ethiopia friendship and longstanding alliance, first established by President Teddy Roosevelt for more than 115 years will continue to prosper”.