Gibe III Power Plant Filled with Maximum Amount of Water


Addis Ababa May 15/2021 (ENA)  The Gibe III hydropower plant has now been filled with water 6 meters higher that the expected, according to the Ethiopian Electric Power.

Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) disclosed that works are underway to use the power plant to integrate and create a single economic region in the continent.

Gibe III Power Plant CEO’s representative, Niguse Meshesha told ENA that the water level is higher than same period last year.

The water level has jumped from 862 to 868 meters, he said, adding that this will increase the power to be generated from the plant.  

Usually this is the season whereby the power plant’s water level decreases; however, the increase will help in producing additional energy.

He said that the increased level of water is higher than what has been observed over the last four years and indicated that it had decreased to 819 meters during the 2008 Ethiopian year.

Recalling last rainy seasons’ highest level was 892 meters and the water was released to maintain the safety of the dam, Niguse pointed out.

He added that tributaries of the dam will bring rain during the current rainy season.

According to him, residents of the South Omo, particularly Dasenech and Omerate Woredas as well as sugar factories need to be careful of possible flood.

EEP Planning Executive Andualem Sia said Gibe III plays significant role until the completion of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

He added that all possible ways have been employed this year to increase the water level of the dam.

This will be helpful not only for the current but also for the upcoming Ethiopian budget year to produce sustainable energy, Andualem pointed out.

Furthermore, he stated that it will also serve as a contingent plan to avoid power interruption.

Meanwhile, power transmission stations and cables are being installed in order to sale 400 MW electric powers to Kenya from Gibe III hydropower Plant.

In the Ethiopian side, 446 km of power transmission has been completed in Wolayta Sodo town, Ethio-kenya Power System Interconnection Project Site Manager Tewodros Ayalew told ENA.

He added that similarly 600 km is underway in the Kenyan side.

The project through providing 500 Kilo Volt is expected to integrate the East African region through energy.

Gibe III has the capacity of producing 1,870 Mega Watt energy.