Ethiopians Celebrate Easter


Addis Ababa May 2/2021 (ENA) Ethiopian Christians across the nation have been celebrating Ethiopian Easter locally known as Fasika today.

The day is celebrated in commemorating of the resurrection of Jesus Christ after he was crucified on Good Friday.

Fasika is celebrated in Ethiopia following a nearly two months of fasting.

On Eve, followers of the religion spend most of the night in churches attending in ritual services until 3 a.m. and they break their fast.  

Ethiopian Christians prepare several traditional food items including Doro wot (Spicy Chicken Stew), traditionally baked bread (Difo-Dabo) and other home brewed drinks as a part of the Easter celebration.

The faithful have been celebrating  Fasika by supporting the needy across the country.

Followers of the religion believe that the resurrection of Jesus represents the triumph of life over death. As per the Bible, when the disciples of Jesus visited his grave on the third day of his crucifixion, they discovered that the grave was empty. On Easter Sunday, Jesus came back to life.