Followers of Orthodox Church Urged to Adhere to COVID-19 Preventive Measures


Addis Ababa April 30/2021 (ENA) Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church followers are urged to strictly adhere to COVID-19 preventive measures during the spiritual activities to be held this Ethiopian Easter.

Speaking to ENA, Holy Trinity Cathedral Education Department Head Liqe Tebebt Natnael Gebre Mariam said followers need not be negligent while performing ritual activities in churches and celebrating festivals.

Strictly adhering to COVID-19 preventive measures is not only a legal responsibility but also spiritual duty, he added.

The head stated that protecting oneself from deadly diseases and saving ones life from death is a religiously acceptable doctrine.

The faithful would have enough time to serve their God and country if they save their lives from deadly diseases, he pointed out.

“We have to adhere COVID-19 preventive measures like wearing face mask and applying sanitizer to minimize the spread of the pandemic is important. We have legal and religious responsibility to take these measures,” Liqe Tebebt Natnael underscored.

Ekka Kotebe Hospital CEO, Dr. Yared Agidew on his part called on all to take COVID-19 preventive measures, including properly wearing face mask during gatherings and celebrating festivals.

“We think that due to the awareness creation made through stakeholders, including the media, the people are aware about COVID-19 pandemic. The main reason for the spread of the virus is negligence and not strictly adhering to preventive measures of the virus among the public,” the CEO said.

The number of COVID-19 infected persons has been rising and persons being treated in intensive care unit likewise increasing and creating negative impacts on the health system.

Dr. Yared pointed out that “as there are festivals ahead there will be gatherings with families to celebrate the festivals and movements that enhance the spread of the pandemic easily spread among the public. Therefore, I urge the public to take care of themselves from the pandemic.”

As of yesterday, a total of 256,418 persons were infected and 3,658 have died from COVID-19 in Ethiopia.