Institute Inaugurates 100 Million Birr Worth Veterinary Drug Manufacturing Plant


April 24/2021(ENA) A veterinary drug manufacturing plant built with 100-million-Birr was inaugurated today.

The veterinary drug manufacturing plant built by the National Veterinary Institute (NBI) in Bishoftu town is expected to cover 15 percent veterinary demand of the country and save foreign currency.

During the inauguration ceremony, Agriculture Minister Umer Hussen said livestock resource of the country has been low due to animal diseases, among other factors.

The newly inaugurated plant will help to enhance livestock productivity and accelerate the sector’s growth.

He underscored that the realization of the plant demonstrates the results that can be achieved by mobilizing potential domestic capacity.

National Veterinary Institute Director-General, Martha Yami said on her part the plant will play a big role in meeting the high demand of veterinary vaccines.

It will produce 91.5 million veterinary tablets annually with 60 percent production capacity.

At present, the institute is producing 23 types of vaccines for animals with over 250 million doses annually, according to the director-general.

Martha revealed that the institute has been earning foreign currency by exporting veterinary vaccines, and aspires to scale this up.