First AI Exhibition, Workshop Kicks Off


April 15/2021(ENA)  The first Artificial Intelligence (AI) exhibition and workshop kicked off today in Addis Ababa in the presence of high ranking government officials.

The Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Center organized the exhibition and workshop in collaboration with Ministry of Innovation and Technology under the theme: “Artificial Intelligence for all!”

The four day exhibition showcases the Center’s ongoing activities in the areas of Finance, Transport, Health, Agriculture, Language and other vital development sectors.  

Opening the event, Ministry of Innovation and Technology, Dr. Abraham Belay said the Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Center has been engaged in various activities that aimed at realizing the ongoing national efforts to build digital economy.   

Though the center is very young, it has been registering commendable achievements in a short period of time in its undertakings to develop the sector in partnership with different institutions in the country.

Minister of Innovation and Technology will further strengthen its support to further enhance the technology, he added.

The Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Center General Director, Worku Gachena for his part disclosed that the agency is working to teach four Ethiopian languages to machines by using Artificial Intelligence technologies with a view to making the local languages international.  

Amharic, Afaan Oromo, Somali and Tigrigna are the languages being taught to the machines, he added.  

The government of Ethiopia has given a great deal of attention to the development of AI in order properly exploit the technology for social, economic and political development of the country, he said.

AI is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. Specific applications of AI include expert systems, natural language processing (NLP), speech recognition and machine vision.

The country through the center will enhance the health, education, agriculture, transport sectors as well as public protection and safety with AI products and services, .