Ethiopia, Sudan Keen to Enhance People-to-People Relations


April 15/2021(ENA) Ethiopian Ambassador to Sudan Yibletal Aemero held fruitful discussions with Secretary-General of the Sudanese Council for International People’s Friendship, Salwa Mohamed on Wednesday.

During the discussion, Ambassador Yibeltal underscored the deep-rooted, cultural, and historical people-to-people relations between Ethiopia and Sudan and emphasized the need to strengthen with further engagements.

He recalled the successful visit of Sudanese Public Diplomacy delegation in November 2019 and expressed the readiness of the Embassy to undertake the Ethiopian Public Diplomacy delegation visit that was postponed due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in close collaboration with the Council.

Secretary-General Salwa Mohamed said on her part that the peoples of Ethiopia and Sudan are one with deep-rooted historical and cultural ties.

The Sudanese Public Diplomacy Delegations’ visit to Ethiopia in November 2019 was successful, Salwa recalled, and underlined the need for undertaking activities that further enhances the people-to-people relations between the two countries.

The Secretary-General said the Council is ready to arrange for the visit by Ethiopian Public Diplomacy Delegation to Sudan soon.

Both sides stressed the importance of cooperation in organizing various events that further enhance relations between the people of Ethiopia and Sudan, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.