Scholars Call for Respect of Rule of Law in Upcoming Election


Addis Ababa, March 30/2021(ENA)  Scholars stressed today the need for respect of rule of law so that the 6th General Election could be held peacefully.

They also stated that lasting peace can be achieved when citizens elect their representatives in a democratic way.  

The legal scholar, Mesenbet Assefa, and Unity Ethiopia Civil Discourse Association founder, Hiwot Alemayehu, presented discussion points for Addis Weg forum held at the Office of the Prime Minister.  

Speaking at the event, Women’s Shelter Development Association Director Maria Munir said lasting peace can be achieved by conducting legitimate election.

She stated that Ethiopians must stand together for peaceful election as they stood in unison to build the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

The legal scholar Mesenbet Assefa said democratic and peaceful election is a major political indicator of a country’s transition. 

He also added that election process is the key to ensuring peace, development, and democracy in a country. 

Therefore it is the responsibility of all citizens that a peaceful election takes place, the scholar stressed.

Stakeholders, including security forces, should realize what is expected from them and act accordingly during pre-election, election and the post-election periods, he further noted.  

The scholar also said freedom of thought must be respected in the context of rule of law. 

Civil Discourse Association Founder, Hiwot Alemayehu said on her part that politicians who want to be heard should also cultivate the culture of listening to others. 

Politicians should always recognize that the source of power are the people and respect the decision of the people, Hiwot pointed out.

Recalling politicians in the past elections resorted to use of violence as an alternative to  civilized discussions, she added that this should not be repeated. 

Rule of law and neutrality of institutions should be given due attention in order to conduct  the election peacefully, the civil association founder underlined.

Addis Weg discussion forum has been organized by the Office of the Prime Minister Office.