Chinese Company Interested to Invest in Building Materials, Solar Power Equipment


Addis Ababa  August 07/2018 President Mulatu Teshome hold talks with Chinese National Building Material (CNBM) Co. Ltd Chairman Song Zhiping about prospects of investment in building materials and solar power equipment today.

Chairman Zhiping told journalists that the manufacture of building materials, prefabricated houses and solar power equipment were the investment areas discussed during the meeting with the president.

He said CNBM is interested to invest in the construction of rural houses and electricity in rural areas.

President Mulatu on his part encouraged the company to invest in the construction of rural houses and exploitation of solar energy.

The project can also alleviate electricity shortage in rural areas since it promotes and encourages the use of solar energy instead of electric power, he elaborated.

CNBM Co. Ltd, which is shareholder in Hansom Glass Factory in Ethiopia, is one of the largest building companies in the world.

President Mulatu also met with Oromo Media Network (OMN) General Manager, Jawar Mohammed, later in the morning.

The General Manager said OMN wants to work with the government in mobilizing the youth to support the reform and to participate in the political and economic development of the country.

Jawar said that he has asked him the President to play his role in bringing the opposition and the governing parties to the roundtable to discuss peaceful and democratic transition as he is head of state.

OMN will continue working in mobilizing the youth and the diaspora to work with the government in developing the country economically and politically.

The President welcomed the initiative of OMN to work with the government. The government will stand along with them in their efforts to build the country.