Five Factories become Fully Operational in Tigray


March 9/2021(ENA)  Five factories in Tigray region have become fully operational, the Interim Administration of the region disclosed.

This was disclosed at a regular weekly meeting of the Emergency Coordinating Centre (ECC) chaired by Minister of Peace, Mufhariat Kamil.

During the meeting held today, each member ministry of the ECC provided an update and a progress report on the delivery and distribution of emergency food and non-food aid in Tigray and Metekel.

According to a statement by minister of peace, the reports show a significant increase in reaching the affected areas.

Moreover, each member ministry provided an individual report related to their individual work in the region.

During the meeting, representatives of the Interim Administration of Tigray Region provided an update on the overall situation.

According to the representatives, five factories in the region have become fully operational and among the five one of them has started exporting products to foreign markets.

The meeting was concluded by stressing on strengthening to simultaneously work on both emergency aid and rehabilitation and normalization of the region.