PM Visits Cultivation of Wheat, Avocado Using Koga Irrigation Scheme


Addis Ababa March 7/2021 (ENA) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has visited successful cultivation of wheat and avocado through Koga irrigation scheme in Amhara regional state.

PM Abiy wrote on his Facebook following his visit today that Mecha Woreda in the Amhara region has been successful in cultivating 3,590 hectares of wheat through the Koga irrigation scheme in 15 clusters.

Similarly, he said small holder farmers have been producing avocado through the same irrigation scheme, demonstrating success in productivity.

MASHAV avocado production, which is being cultivated in 17 Kebeles by 1080 farmers, has been cultivating since 2017 to the international market.

During the last cropping season, 750 quintals of avocado was exported and more than 100,000 USD was earned, it was indicated.

During the current harvesting season, efforts are being underway to export 3,600 quintals of avocado using Koga irrigation scheme as the United Arab Emirates, the Far East countries, and Germany from Europe are the main export destinations.