Victory of Karamara Historic Triumph for Ethiopian Army, Say Combatants


Addis Ababa March 6/2021(ENA)  The Victory of Karamara is a historic triumph over the invading Siad Barre regime, army officers who fought at the battle testified.

The army officers also called on Ethiopians to stand guard for the sovereignty of their country. 

The 43rd anniversary of the victory was celebrated at Ethio-Cuba Friendship Park yesterday in the presence of Cuba’s ambassador and invited guests. 

It is to be recalled that Siad Barre, the military ruler who ruled Somalia for 21 years, waged war against Ethiopia with the vision to establish Greater Somalia that unites all Somali-speaking nations by seizing Ethiopia’s territory. 

Mobilizing hundreds of thousands militias Ethiopia fought back and chased the invading army and captured all the areas that were occupied by the Somali army on the 5th of March 1978.

Former members of the armed forces who fought in the Battle of Karamara told ENA that the war cost lives but Ethiopia was honored as it routed the belligerent army from its territory.

The army officers also said the Ethiopian army showed amazing feat by destroying the invading army on land and air.

Members of the army said many sacrificed their lives for the sovereignty and integrity of the country, and urged Ethiopians to remain vigilant and guard sovereignty. 

“General Legesse Teferra, Colonel Ashenafi Gebretsadik, Colonel Berhanu Wubneh and others destroyed 25 fighter jets that took off from Hargeisa in air combat. This tilted the power balance which was in favor of Somalia,” Brigadier General Hailemelekot Mamo revealed.

The non-commissioned officer, Hussen Gobena said Ethiopian should safeguard their motherland from any threat.  

“No Ethiopian can live without the motherland. We must therefore stand guard for the motherland. All Ethiopians stand together for a free and strong Ethiopia.” 

Lieutenant Bekele Belay stated that “a united people are victorious and strong. We inherited the heroism of Karamara from Adwa. And Karamara is another milestone in Ethiopia’s struggle to preserve its sovereignty and territorial integrity.”