PM Abiy Stresses Need to Nurture Values of Service in Youth to Expedite Transformation


Addis Ababa March 6/2021(ENA) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed stressed the need to nurture the values of service in youth in order to expedite national transformation in Ethiopia.

Ministry of peace graduated 10,000 youth who have attended training on voluntarism as part of the National Community Based Voluntary Service today in the presence of high-ranking government officials and invited guests.

The premier said on the occasion that “if we nurture the value of service in youth, we can transform the country.”

Ethiopia is endowed with abundant natural resources and rich history, he noted, adding that the country needs the youth to utilize its time, capacity and knowledge to attain national prosperity.

The dedication of the youth is crucial to take the nation forward, the premier stressed, noting that “while all eyes are on Ethiopia from every direction, no one can take away the dreams of developing and rising to rightful place as a nation.”

Abiy said, “While all eyes are on Ethiopia from every direction, no one can take away our dreams of developing and rising to our rightful place as a nation. This takes the dedication of our youth to take Ethiopia forward.”

According to him, “the main purpose of this fake propaganda and hate speech is to thwart Ethiopia’s firm stand to fight poverty by repeating the resistance it had demonstrated a century ago and became a symbol of freedom for black people across the world.”

However, he expressed firm conviction that “Ethiopia will continue to be a symbol of freedom to the black people with the efforts and collaboration of its people, despite all these shouts and deceit about us. And I assure you that nothing on this planet will prevent the country from achieving its goal as Ethiopia is now fed up of poverty and receiving hand outs, thus aspiring for prosperity.” 

The youth graduates committed to voluntary service are demonstrations of national aspirations to work together and rise into prosperity, the premier added.

The PM also urged the youth to refrain from destructive activities and strive to build peace in the country by showing others the right path.

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Peace Minister, Muferihat Kamil said on her part that the volunteers are the messengers of peace who are committed to serve their community and country in all aspects.

Besides the voluntary services, the National Voluntarism Community Service Program will promote national consensus among Ethiopians and lay cornerstone for nation building process, she added.

The 10,000 graduates of Universities and Colleges in Ethiopia have attended training for some 45 days on topics relevant to voluntary services.

The youth will be dispatched to various parts of the country to engage in community services for ten months.

The graduates are the first batch of the National Community Based Voluntary Service Program launched by the government with a view to promoting voluntarism, peace and development in the country.  

Volunteers who participate in the National Community Voluntary Service Program, are expected to attend a two month long training before they are deployed for services, it was learned.