Fair Media Access, Respecting Rule of Law Keys to Free and Fair Election, Says EIO


Addis Ababa Marech 4/2021 (ENA) Respecting rule of law, fair media accessibility among all competing political parties, and executing election rules and regulations are critical in making the 6th General Election free and fair, 

(EIO) said today.

In a press release it sent to ENA, the Ethiopian Institution of the Ombudsman said the upcoming election could be free, fair, credible, and democratic only when election actors, including the general public, believe in ideas and buy the better ideas on the table.

It further noted that the rule of law should be non-negotiable alongside creating fair media opportunities for all competing political parties to share their ideas and programs to voters.

Executing rules and regulations, which have been agreed and approved by all the concerned actors during and after the election, was also stated among the key factors to realize free and fair election.

The institution also expressed its hope that competing parties will include issues of good governance, justice and rule of law among their agendas.

The 6th General Election will be held on 5th June 2021, according to the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia.

The election was postponed from 29th August 2020 due to Covid-19 pandemic.