Victory of Adwa Symbol of Freedom for Black People Globally: Ambassador Tizita


March 3/2021 ( ENA) The victory of Adwa is a paramount symbol of freedom and beacon of hope for black people globally, Ethiopian ambassador to India Tizita Mulugeta said.

Ethiopian Embassy in New Delhi celebrated the 125th Anniversary of the Adwa Victory Day together with Ethiopian students in Marwadi University.

Speaking at the occasion, Ambassador Tizita Mulugeta Adwa Victory is an inspiration for present generation to engage and display the desire to work in close cooperation towards a shared goal.

Furthermore, she pointed out that the dramatic event of Adwa is one of the building block for African Unity ” It was and still is the pride of Africa”

“Adwa Victory is an outcome of a profound sacrifice that demonstrated Ethiopians passion for independence that has become a paramount symbol of freedom and beacon of hope for black people globally.”

On the occasion, the various Ethiopian cultural dances and performance showcased by Ethiopian students along with poems that depicts Adwa Victory, Adwa Narration, Theatrical drama, victory song as well as Ethiopian traditional music is best expressed with its musical instrument all of which are showcased at the event.

The event also brought together higher officials from Marwadi University as well as African students and other invited guests and got a peak in to the life and culture of Ethiopia, it was indicated.