Ethiopians Need Spirit of Victory of Adwa More Than Ever : President


Addis Ababa March 2/2021(ENA) Ethiopians need the spirit of the victory of Adwa more than ever to address the ongoing challenges the country has been facing, President Sahelework Zewde said.

The 125th anniversary of Victory of Adwa was colorfully celebrated across the country today.

Speaking at the anniversary of the celebration here in the capital city, President Sahle-Work said Ethiopia would not have looked what it is today had our forefathers not emerged victories at the Battle of Adwa.  

The victory over the European aggressor is not only a victory for Ethiopians but also for black people, she underlined.

According to her, the legacy proved that “Ethiopia is above the interests and desires of individuals or political groups.” That is why they marched in unison to defend the country, irrespective of internal differences.

Now, therefore, this spirit of Adwa is needed more than ever, the president stressed.

Sahle-Work said, “We can overcome any obstacle as long as we maintain the spirit of Victory of Adwa. The secret of the victory is strong unity, courage, and the perseverance observed among the Ethiopians. Above all, the love and loyalty our forefathers had for their country was the mystery for the victory. We have to strive to preserve these values and accept the fact that everything is below the interest of Ethiopia and work hard in unison for peace and prosperity of the country.”

According to the president, the 21st century requires nothing but mobilization of the public to fight poverty and realize development.

She, therfore, called on all Ethiopians to support one other and stand together for the dignity and development of the country.

Addis Ababa Deputy Mayor Adanech Abiebie said on her part that Ethiopians have to draw lessons from the Victory of Adwa to protect the sovereignty of the country.

She stressed the need to strengthen internal unity and strive for common prosperity.

The deputy mayor announced that construction of Adwa Museum is underway in Addis Ababa in order to preserve the legacy of forefathers.

Culture and Tourism Minister Hirut Kassaw said Adwa is a national symbol and pride of Ethiopians.

“The heroes of Adwa defended their country with understanding that their country’s sovereignty is above everything. This generation also needs to be aware of the fact that the nation is above everything,” the minister stressed.

The minister stated that the new generation needs to learn patriotism, cooperation, trust, togetherness, brotherhood, devotion and unity from forefathers to wipe out poverty and attain prosperity of the country.

Ethiopian Patriots Association President, Lij Daniel Jote said Emperor Menelik II ordered patriots, governors and Ethiopians as a whole to put aside their differences and march in unison to defend their country.

Lij Daniel underscored that this generation needs to develop the culture of solving problems by bringing issues to the table.