Ethiopians Celebrate 125th Anniversary of Victory of Adwa


Addis Ababa March 2/2021 ( ENA)  Ethiopians across the country are celebrating the 125th anniversary of Victory of Adwa with various colorful assortments.

Particularly here in Addis Ababa, the anniversary of the Victory of Adwa in which Ethiopian inflicted a crushing defeat on the Italians colonial army, has been observed at Emperor Menelik II Square in the presence of government officials including President Sahilework Zewde and thousands of people of the city.

Separate grand event has also been held today at Meskel Square in the capital to commemorate the Victory of Adwa.  

The residents of Addis Ababa have celebrated the day with various assortments depicting the historical values of the battle of Adwa.

The battle of Adwa in which the European Colonial powers were defeated for the first time by the Africans has still been considered as a source of pride and inspiration to the struggle for freedom among the entire black people across the world.

It is also a symbol of unity as it unified all Ethiopians irrespective of religion and ethnicity to defend their sovereignty.