Ministry Urges Scholars to Ramp up Information about the Victory of Adwa


March 1/2021(ENA) Minister of Culture and Tourism urged scholars to ramp up myriad information about the Victory of Adwa in a move to pass down from generation to generation.

Panel discussion was held today in connection to the celebration of 125th anniversary of the Victory of Adwa organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism under the theme “The victory of Adwa in the Perspective of Historians.”

On her remarks on the discussion, Minister of Culture and Tourism, Hirut Kassaw said the Victory of Adwa is the symbol of unity and freedom for Ethiopians and beyond.

The Victory of Adwa was a turning point that inspired many countries under the yolk of colonization, irrespective of color, she said.

She also highlighted the significance to pass the triumphant legacy of the Victory of Adwa to the future generation.

Noting the role of scholar in promoting the significance of Adwa, it is expected from the intellectuals to provide the vast but untold information about the Victory of Adwa to pass from generation to generation, she underscored.

She further stated that scholars should discharge their responsibility by conducting various researches about the secret behind the victory of the Battle of Adwa.

Associate Professor at Mekelle University, Ayele Bekerie said the Victory of Adwa is a landmark for the modern African history.

The present-day generation should pursue the winning inheritance of forefathers at the Battle of Adwa, he noted, adding that scholars have to provide solid information about the victory in sustainable manner to attain the intent.

A Historian at Kotobe Metropolitan University, Dr. Almaw Kifle said on his part that the Victory Adwa was achieved by the fierce fight of all Ethiopians against the colonial invaders, irrespective of identity, language, class and religion.

The Victory of Adwa paved a vital chapter in the record of African resistance against colonial rule and inspired the entire Africa to fight for independence, he elaborated.