Ethiopian Embassy in Qatar Celebrate Victory of Adwa with Citizens Residing in Doha


February 26/2021(ENA) Staff members of the Ethiopian Embassy to Qatar said have commemorated the 125th Victory of Adwa with citizens residing in Doha, the capital of Qatar.

In a press release the Embassy sent to ENA, it said the victory was celebrated virtually last night  under the theme: “Adwa – Symbol of  National Unity.” 

During the event, a paper on the causes of the Battle of Adwa, Ethiopia’s diplomatic struggle, the sacrifices made by Ethiopian heroes for freedom, the legacy of victory, and its national and international benefits was presented and discussed, the release added.

Speaking on the occasion, the Special Envoy and Ambassador Samia Zekarya said the day, which was intended to be celebrated colorfully in the light of its significant to the country, the region and the world, could only be celebrated through video conferencing and with the staff due to COVID-19 restrictions in the country. 

The ambassador urged Ethiopians to celebrate the 125th Victory of Adwa by remembering their national responsibilities and obligations as a generation. 

She noted that Ethiopians who believe in equality, freedom and dignity need to stand together to fight against destructive ideas like in the victory they registered on colonialism and racism.

Ambassador Samia stressed that “the current situation compels Ethiopians to strengthen their unity more than ever and defeat divisive political and ethnic ideologies.”