Ethiopia Generates Over 3 Billion USD from Tourism


Addis Ababa July 30/2018 Ethiopia has secured 3.5 billion USD from tourism in the last Ethiopian fiscal year, according to Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Public and International Relations Director at the Ministry, Gezahegn Abate told ENA that the number of visitors and revenue   has increased when compared with the previous consecutive years.

“Out of the plan to attract 1.25 million visitors, some 934,000 persons visited the country and generated 3.5 billion USD,” he pointed out.

The ministry has also managed to create over 177,000 jobs for citizens last Ethiopian fiscal year. It created 297,000 in the previous fiscal year.

The Director said “though the business improved during the first and second quarters of the last Ethiopian fiscal year, it declined in the third quarter due to instability in the country.”

According to Gezahegn, even if the country has tremendous natural and man-made tourist attractions, the industry is contributing meager finance to the national economy.

Lack of sufficient infrastructure and low service delivery have been the major challenges that hinder visitors to stay long and spend money, he pointed out.

He added that the ministry is undertaking various measures to improve the sector’s performance by working with the private sector and government service providers to meet standard facilities.