Council of Ministers Explores Each Ministry’s key Milestones over Past six Months


Addis Ababa, February 22/2021(ENA) The Council of Ministers in its bi-annual evaluation meeting today explored each ministry’s key milestones over the past six months.

The council has discussed on the enabling factors, critical challenges, social responsibility initiatives as well as works being undertaken by all ministerial offices in creating an ergonomic and conducive working environment.

During the discussion, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed highlighted the  need for enhanced cooperation among ministries considering some overlapping responsibilities, government to increasingly play the role of facilitation,  make processes more responsive and efficient, as well as develop an innovation culture.

He also stressed the need to enhance data flows within and across government structures; from government to communities and from government to the private sector as well as continuously determine how best to effectively answer the needs of the public through service delivery, according to Office of the Prime Minister.