EZEMA Launches Election Campaign, Urges Citizen to Participate in Civilized Manner


Addis Ababa, February 20/2021(ENA) Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice (EZEMA) officially launched today its campaign for the upcoming general election.

EZEMA launched its campaign in the presence officials of the party, candidates, members and supporters.  

Launching the campaign, EZEMA Chairman Yeshiwas Assefa said his party has already prepared its manifesto for the election which aspires to ensuring social justice in the country.

He also announced policies of the party that would be implemented if elected.  

The upcoming general election is expected to lay a cornerstone for a civilized political transition in the country, the Chairman underscored.

Yeshiwas has further urged the general public to freely exercise their rights in the election in a civilized way.

President of the party, Berhanu Nega on his part said the upcoming general election is the outcome of generational struggle that had stayed for years.

Birhanu has also underlined the need for the people to participate in this “first ever democratic election in Ethiopia” by respecting the electoral laws and regulations of the country.

During the occasion it was indicated that EZEMA has finalized preparation to present 448 candidates for the upcoming general election.