PM Lauds Actors for Showcasing Attributes of Dine for Ethiopia Projects


Addis Ababa, February 20/2021(ENA) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has appreciated those involved in showcasing the attributes of the Koysha, Wenchi and Gorgora sites in an exhibition.

It is to be recalled that ‘Dine for Ethiopia’ initiative was launched last year August with a view to mobilize funds for the construction of these natural tourist attraction projects in Gorgora, Wonchi and Koysha in Amhara, Oromia and South Nations Nationalities and Peoples’ regional states respectively.

The premier is expected to host 10-million Birr V-VIP and five-million Birr VIP dinner program today as part of the initiative that aims at raising 3 billion Birr.

“As we mark the long awaited ‘Dine for Ethiopia’ today, my appreciation to those involved in showcasing the attributes of the three sites in an exhibition,” Abiy wrote on face book today.

The country’s diversity, cultural, historical and natural assets are the untapped potential to lift the nation to prosperity, the premier noted.

The PM had previously extended his appreciation to business owners, institutions and government employees who have made their contribution for these national projects.

In addition to raising resources, the projects are expected to create jobs, strengthen public-private partnerships and support the economy, it was learned.