Stakeholders Stress Need for Strong Linkage of Research, Higher Education & Industry


February 18/2021(ENA) A consultative workshop aimed at enhancing linkage of institutions of higher learning, research institute and industries was held under the theme “Linkage for Success in National Development Goals.”

Science and Higher Education Minister Samuel Urqato said Ethiopia needs enhanced linkage among institutions of higher learning, research institutes, and industries to enhance productivity and attain prosperity.

A strong linkage among the stakeholders would enable the country to make technology transfer and enhance the productivity of manufacturing industries, he added.

The minister also noted that it will further make possible to effectively utilize the country’s human capital and promote creativity.

Trade and Industry Minister, Melaku Alebel said on his part institutions of higher learning  and research institutes are of paramount significance to support manufacturing industries through technological research and knowledge transfer.

Noting the fierce technological competitiveness among industries of the world, the minister stated that manufacturing industries in Ethiopia need to be backed up by up-to-date technologies which could be realized through strong linkage of the institutions and industries.

Melaku added that his ministry will provide the necessary support to promote linkage among institutions of higher learning, research institutes, and industries.

BK Business Group owner and one of the wealthiest Ethiopians, Belayneh Kinde on his part emphasized the need for research in agriculture to make the sector productive.

He noted the need for promoting agricultural productivity through research and technology which would in the long run boost productivity in manufacturing industries too.