Precondition to Negotiations with Sudan Is Return to Status Quo Ante: Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Addis Ababa January 26/2021 (ENA) Negotiations on the Ethio-Sudan border will begin when the Sudanese side goes back to the status quo ante, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Dina Mufti said.

Briefing the media today, the spokesperson stressed that Ethiopia is still committed towards peaceful resolution of the border dispute with Sudan.

“Our precondition to carry out the negotiations with the Sudanese side is return to the status quo ante. Then we will discuss the border issue,” he added.  

Praising the initiative of actors who want to settle the dispute, Dina stated that Ethiopia “ is always ready to settle border issues through normal mechanisms that have already been schemed out”.

In connection with keeping and caring for the long-standing good relationship between the two nations, the spokesperson affirmed that “we would like to draw the attention of the Sudanese people to the fact that we care about our good relationship and for our Sudanese brothers and sisters.”

In his weekly briefing, the spokesperson further said UK Secretary of State  Raab was briefed  about the law enforcement operation, rehabilitation and relief supply in Tigray Region.

During the occasion, Deputy PM and Minster of Foreign Affairs Demeke Mekonen also explained to him about the ongoing trilateral negotiations on GERD and affirmed that Ethiopia is desirous to settle the differences through the African Union negotiators.