Ethiopia, Tanzania Agree to Work together on Various Areas


Addis Ababa January 25/2021 ( ENA ) President Sahle-Work Zewde held discussion today with Tanzanian President Dr. John Magufuli on ways to enhancing the bilateral ties of the two countries. 

During the discussion, the two sides exchanged views on ways of boosting investment between the two countries, cooperation in language studies, and release of prisoners among others.

In a joint press briefing conducted following the discussion, President Sahle-Work said “most of the things we talked with President Magufuli are in terms of investment and therefore we will look at his greatness in investing between the two countries.”

President Sahile-Work expressed keenness to commence teaching Swahili language in Ethiopia as it is an important language in Africa.

“We are happy with your proposal to teach Swahili language in our country, and we will be ready to receive teachers from Tanzania because Swahili is an important language in Africa.”

President Magufuli on his part said Ethiopia is the first country with the number of livestock in Africa whereas Tanzania is the second.

In this regard, Magufuli stressed the need to enhance cooperation in the development of livestock sector in order to exploit the potential of leather products.

“They (Ethiopia) benefit a lot from the production of leather products where we have not benefited a lot, so we pray that we learn from them,”  Magufuli said.

Noting many Ethiopians are in prison in Tanzania for illegal immigration, President Magufuli affirmed that his government is ready to release the prisoners without conditions.

President Sahlework is in Tanzania for an official working visit.