Speedy Completion of Beautifying Sheger Projects Motivates Investors to Support Dine for Nation’ Projects: Investors


Addis Ababa, January 22/2021(ENA) Investors said that the speedy completion and the good quality of Beautifying Sheger projects inspired them to support the Dine for Nation projects.

Beautifying Sheger projects, which were supported by various organizations and individuals, were completed within a short time.

The Dine for Nation projects, unlike the previous Addis centered projects, would be built in three regional states with the view to expanding tourism, reducing effects of climate change and creating jobs. 

Many organizations and individuals have been supporting the ongoing efforts to expand the projects beyond the city, it was learned.

Investors who talked to ENA said both initiatives of the premier will not only attract more tourists by develop Ethiopia’s natural resources and create jobs.

MOHAN Plc General Manager, Harsh Kothari said it was a great opportunity for him to contribute to the development of Ethiopia.

MOHAN Group has donated 5 million Birr for Beautifying Sheger projects and 10 million Birr for Dine for Nation.

“As Ethiopia has immense natural resources that can attract foreign tourists, developing this magnificent beauty and making it attractive is the right decision,” he noted.

Observing the completion of Beautifying Sheger in a short period made me more confident and willing to support the Dine for Nation projects, Kothari said.

Owner and manager of Mullege Plc, Mustafa Awol has donated five million Birr each to Beautifying Sheger and Dine for Nation projects.

He has expressed his satisfaction with the works done so far.

“I am very happy with the accomplishment that has been registered. I can’t believe it. I have traveled to many countries and I still wonder if this is my country or another country. The work done in Addis Ababa makes one very proud; and it’s very exciting,” the manager added.

According to him, money had been raised by investors for supposedly development projects, but none of the projects materialized.

He stressed that the ongoing development projects in Ethiopia are more successful than expected. Thus all should contribute to such projects.

The ongoing fund mobilization is part of the initiative by Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed for the development of tourist attraction sites in Oromia, Amhara, and Southern Nation Nationality and Peoples regional states.