FM Demeke Confers with US Assistant Secretary Tibor Nagy


January 21/2021(ENA)Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen on Wednesday exchanged phone conversation with US Assistant Secretary, Tibor Nagy.

During their conversation, Demeke briefed Nagy about the successful rule of law operation in Tigray region, the ongoing humanitarian efforts and the rehabilitation of the infrastructure destroyed by the TPLF junta in the region.

He further described in detail the efforts of the government to stabilize Tigray including the situation and treatment of Eritrean refugees, the atrocities committed in Maikadra and other areas, and the efforts to apprehend the perpetrators of those despicable acts.

The Deputy Prime Minister also said Ethiopia is keen to closely work with the new administration of the United States government.

US Assistant Secretary Tibor Nagy on his part lauded Ethiopia’s efforts to overcome the situation in the Northern part of the country; and Demeke for the briefing, and expressed optimism for the strengthening of relations between the two countries.

The United States government applauds Ethiopia’s success as its own achievement, the assistant secretary added.