Gondar, Camelot of Ethiopian Epiphany Ready for Extraordinary ‘Timket’ Festivity


Addis Ababa, January 17/2021(ENA) Gondar, the ancient historical city and considered as the Camelot of Ethiopian epiphany (Timket), has finalized its preparation of the carnival that will be celebrated on Tuesday, announced the city administration. 

The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) inscribed Ethiopian Epiphany in the list of World Intangible Cultural Heritage as it is a colorful festival celebrated all over the country  to commemorate the baptism of Jesus Christ by John the Baptist in the River Jordan. 

Though epiphany, locally known as ‘Timket’, is celebrated every year throughout Ethiopia, the festivity in Gondar is unique where several historical and religious tourist attractions are located.

The annual out-door Timket festival observed in Gondar attracts hundreds of thousands of domestic and foreign visitors.   

The city administration announced that preparations have already been finalized to colorfully celebrate the holiday under the motto: “Ethiopia, Epiphany Once Again in Gondar” which is expected to be attended by invited guests from the neighboring countries too.

Gondar City Mayor,  Molla Melkamu told ENA that the festival will be commemorated in a way that will further strengthen the unity of Ethiopians and the people-to-people ties of neighboring countries.

The city administration has been making the preparations in partnership with security agencies, the youth, investors and other stakeholders, he said.

A joint security command post has been established by the regional state and the city administration in order to ensure the security of the city and comfort of the guests during the celebration, he added and called on tourists to be part of this unique and colorful festival.    

According to Head of Gondar City Culture, Tourism and Sports Department, Adebabayi Mulugeta,  this year’s epiphany/Timket is highly anticipated to bring together over one million people.

The necessary preparations are made with precocious measures  to ensure the safety of the people, he added.