Some Competitive Parties Say Ready for Upcoming Election


Addis Ababa, January 15/2021(ENA) With Ethiopia’s forthcoming 6th General Election approaching, some competitive parties have been claiming their readiness for the election.

Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice party Deputy Chairman, Chane Kebede told ENA that the  party is working with full capacity to participate in the 6th general election.

According to the deputy chairman, the party has established a National Electoral Strategy Management Committee that deals with campaigns at national, regional, and woreda levels.

He stated that the committee is recruiting candidates, preparing manifesto and raising fund.

Chane disclosed all candidates representing Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice at 450 woreda constituencies will be selected by January 24, 2021.

The deputy chairman claims that policies of the party were formulated by highly qualified and experienced professionals in key sectors.

“We have prepared about 46 draft policy documents. Out of those policy documents, we have discussed 20 so far and will do same on the remaining policy documents in the coming days. Alongside these is prepared the election manifesto,” he elaborated.

In addition, Chane said training on peace and security in the county, neutrality and competence of electoral officers, and observance of election law have been given.

He further stressed that the government intensifies its efforts to ensure peace and stability in the country during the election.

Tigray Democratic Party Chairman, Aregawi Berhe said his party is making preparations for the election, especially after the demise of the authoritarian TPLF party.

It was impossible to participate in elections “as TPLF closed our offices and detained members,” he noted.

“Now the situation is different and we can freely compete in upcoming elections.” However,  the prevalence of peace in the region is crucial for us to express our opinions freely, move from place to place, discuss with communities as well as introduce the party program, he added.

Aregawi said, “At present, the national defense force is playing a pivotal role in restoring peace in the region. We hope peace would be restored as soon as possible. Then we can easily discuss issues with our members and the community, Now, we are preparing in this regard.”

Ethiopia’s 6th General Election, which was scheduled to be held in August 2020, will be conducted on June 5, 2021.