Cornerstone Laid for 5 Billion Birr Irrigation Project


Debreberhan, January 9/2021(ENA) A cornerstone for 5 billion Birr irrigation development project has been laid today in Amhara Regional State of North Shoa Zone at Angolela Tera Woreda.

Water, Irrigation and Energy Minister, Sileshi Bekele and Amhara Region State Chief Administrator Agegnehu Teshager laid the cornerstone for the project.

The Chacha Irrigation Development Project will have the capacity to irrigate 7,000 hectares of land on its completion within three years, it was learned.

The project will benefit farmers residing in 10 Kebeles of Basona Worana and Angolela Tera Woreda of North Shoa Zone, it was learned.

Amhara Water Works Construction Enterprise and the Chinese Civil Engineering Construction Corporation will construct the project.