Ethiopian Diaspora Extend over 100 Mn Birr Assistance to Needy, Defense Force


Addis Ababa January 9/2021 (ENA) The Ethiopian Diaspora has provided over 100 million Birr humanitarian assistance to the needy and members of the National Defense Force.

They have also contributed 76 million Birr for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) during the first six months of the current budget year, according to the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency.

Ethiopian Diaspora Agency Director-General, Selamawit Dawit said a sub-committee headed by the agency has been established to mobilize support for the needy people in various parts of Ethiopia as well as the National Defense Force.

In this regard, the diaspora has so far donated over 100 million Birr humanitarian assistance in cash and material to the needy and the defense force, she added.

“Supporting victims of the law enforcement operation, the national defense force, and their families is a very important task we engaged in and were pushed by the diaspora to undertake.The diaspora has been very supportive and we have thus raised 100.7 million Birr.”

In kind, the support has been in terms of medical supplies and equipment identified, by the Ministry of Health, Selamawit stated.

According to her, the swift response of the diaspora within such a short time demonstrates their patriotism.

In addition to the humanitarian assistance, the diaspora have made a significant contribution by enlightening the international community about the law enforcement operation in Tigray Regional State.

The diaspora has in particular helped officials and diplomats in the international institutions to grasp the reality in the country, Selamawit noted.

On the other hand, the diaspora have provided 76 million Birr for the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) during the first six months of the current budget year.

The director-general pointed out that “the GERD has created a great deal of motivation among the diaspora. Especially after the water filling of the dam, the support has become very encouraging.” 

In addition to the financial support, the diaspora are making information about GERD available to the international community, it was learned.

Selamawit stated that the agency has planned to collect 200 million Birr from the diaspora for the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam this current Ethiopian fiscal year.

The director-general also disclosed that the diaspora have made over 16 million Birr contribution to the “Dine for Nation” project.  

The plan is to raise 50 million Birr for the project during this Ethiopian fiscal year.