Institutions that Violate COVD-19 Guidelines to be Held Accountable


Addis Ababa January 8/2021 (ENA)  Ministry of Health announced today that institutions which violate the guidelines issued to prevent COVD-19 will be held accountable. 

A six-month national action plan to prevent the outbreak of COVD-19 would be launched starting from January 11, 2021, it added.

A consultative forum that determines the roles and responsibilities of the House of People’s Representatives was held today.

During the discussion, it was stated that wearing face masks at places where many people gather would be compulsory.

Awareness creation campaign on wearing masks and hand washing will also be created among the public, it was learned.

Members of the House on their part have expressed their concern about the growing negligence of the public about the spread of the virus. They specifically mentioned public and private institutions for this failure.

Similarly, negligence is being observed in regions, they pointed out, calling on all to contribute their part in preventing the spread of the virus.

Health State Minister Sahrela Abdulahi said the ministry will conduct awareness creation campaign and mobilization programs, urging public and private institutions to comply with the guidelines and implement it.

She also called on the House to monitor the implementation of the guidelines issued to prevent the outbreak of COVD-19.

COVD-19 has now infected 126,000 citizens and killed over 1,900.