Ethiopians Celebrating Christmas


Addis Ababa January 7/2021 (ENA) Christians across Ethiopia have on Thursday celebrated Christmas (Gena) with religious fathers calling all citizens to make the utmost effort for peace and national unity of the country.

Ethiopians celebrate  the birth of Jesus Christ locally called ‘Gena’ on the 7th of January, almost two weeks after the rest of the world mark the day.

In their Christmas message, religious leaders urged all Christians across the country to strive for peace besides supporting one another during the festivity.

Members of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church passes through special 43 fasting days called ‘Tseome Nebiyat’ the fast of the prophets, before the actual day of the Christmas.

In the eve of Gena, the faithful, dressing white traditional cloths, gathered at churches for the mass church services that start after midnight and lasts in the morning of Christmas day.

Ethiopian Christmas is celebrated with cultural dishes, clothes, traditional games-Gena chewata (traditional hockey game on a horse) and various religious activities.