NEBE, Political Parties Discuss on Draft Guidelines of Election Process


Addis Ababa,January 1/2021(ENA) The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) held discussions with political parties on various draft guidelines of the election process. 

During the discussion, a detailed briefing was made by Dr. Getachew Assefa on the draft guidelines developed with a view to establish a transparent and efficient system of voting, vote counting and declaration of election results.

The presenter have also briefed the participants about guidelines prepared to create a consistent approach and awareness on the tasks and obligations of election officials, candidate representatives, grievance  committees, and local and international observers.

The draft guidelines on reporting of revenues, expenditure and property management of political parties as well as on implementation of re-elections were also discussed at the forum held on Thursday.

According to NEBE, the participating political parties have also been given the chance to submit additional comments and suggestions which they think are best to further enrich the guidelines without being limited to the forum.

Ethiopia is expected to hold its legislative and regional elections on June 5, 2021