FM Demeke Bids farewell to Departing Azerbaijan Ambassador


Addis Ababa December 30/2020 (ENA) Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen today bade farewell to the departing ambassador of Azerbaijan to Ethiopia, Elman Abdullayev.

On the occasion, Demeke thanked Ambassador Elman Abdullayev for strengthening the existing relations between the two countries during his tenure.

He affirmed that Ethiopia is committed to scaling up its relation with Azerbaijan in areas of common interest.

Foreign Affairs Minister Demeke also took the opportunity to explain the latest developments in Tigray, including the humanitarian assistance that the government is providing together with international humanitarian agencies.

Ambassador Elman Abdullayev, on his part, said Ethiopia and Azerbaijan have multicultural assets that call for collaboration in the tourism sector.

He also underlined that his country wants to further strengthen relations with Ethiopia in areas of trade and education.