Regional State Arrests Two Additional Senior Officials in Connection with Killings in Metekel


Addis Ababa December 29/2020 (ENA)  Benishangl-Gumuz Regional State has arrested two senior officials in connection with the recent massacre in Metekel Zone, according to the Regional Peace Building and Security Bureau.

Deputy Head of the Bureau, Mussa Hamid told ENA that Metekel Zone Chief Administrator Atinkut Shitu is one of the suspects arrested today.

The other official is the regional police Deputy Commissioner Inspector Misgana Engifeta, who is detained of for alleged involvement in the recent security problem witnessed in  Metekel Zone.

The Regional Peace Building and Security Bureau Deputy Head further stated that hunting down officials involved in such crises will continue until peace is restored in the zone.

It is to be recalled that 6 senior officials and one member of the police were arrested in connection to the recent crime in Metekel Zone.